Warid Telecom - Functional Assessment of Human Resource and Organizational Restructuring

Client: Warid Telecom

Project Description:  Warid was operating in the highly competitive market of telecommunications in Pakistan. The organization was less than optimal in most departments. Departments were overstaffed and there were many redundancies in job functions, specifically in the middle management positions. Due to intense competition among cellular companies and price wars, it was becoming increasingly important to reduce OpEx and maintain a lean and efficient organization to enhance productivity. Under these circumstances, the leadership of the company decided to do the following:

  • Reduce redundant and surplus job functions and skill sets;
  • Retain technical and managerial skills deemed critical to meeting the company’s future strategic objectives
  • Make changes in organizational structure and align job functions to streamline and rationalize headcount

The client required expertise for carrying out these tasks, with the use of standardized frameworks and industry best practices and benchmarks.

VTT provided the client with its Human Capital Management experts; specializing in the telecommunications industry, who performed the following main tasks:

  • Formulated a comprehensive workforce planning strategy suitable for the client and relevant to expertise required in the telecommunications industry
  • Prepared tools for information collection from different departments
  • Conducted one-on-one interviews and focus group sessions with senior and middle level management
  • Analyzed the gathered data and identified future workforce requirements in mission critical job functions
  • Analyzed the organization structures and workforce requirements using standardized frameworks, such as eTOM, TAM and industry best practices
  • Benchmarked the clients performance with its competitors in the local and regional markets using certain KPIs
  • Formulated restructuring recommendations, which proposed critical structural changes and alignments of job functions with workforce requirements

The client was presented with final recommendations from VTT and also provided with a detailed implementation strategy covering change management for implementation of recommended restructuring.