USAID - Entrepreneurs Artisans Project : Livelihood Recovery Support For The Flood Affected Artisans Of Pakistan

Client:  USAID

Project Description: VTT has successfully completed the monitoring and assessment exercise for Entrepreneurs Livelihood Recovery Support program in KPK and Punjab under the Flood Relief Activities Monitoring Program in Pakistan. The Livelihood Recovery Support to Flood-affected Artisans of Pakistan through the USAID’s Entrepreneurs program was necessitated because of the devastation caused to the livelihoods of embellishers whose sole earning was through sale of their handmade products. The primary goal of this intervention was to generate sales and cash-in-hand for 6,000 women through the Artisans’ Livelihoods Recovery Exhibition. VTT was responsible for identifying and enrolling the beneficiaries, determining that the deserving candidates had received the grant through a fair process, and also report on how the beneficiaries were utilizing the awarded grant.