USAID/BISP - Monitoring & Evaluation Of Benazir Income Support Program, Under Budget Support Monitoring


Project Description: VTT has successfully completed the monitoring and assessment exercise for Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) under the Budget Support Monitoring Program (BSM). In financial year 2007-08, the sharp rise in oil prices and primary products in the international as well as domestic market resulted in double digit inflation, which almost halved the purchasing power of the people.

VTT was engaged by USAID to assess whether allocated resources have been judicially utilized for assisting the beneficiaries in poverty alleviation and social uplift. VTT:

  • Devised a mutually agreed third party monitoring mechanism, according to the terms of reference between USAID & GoP.
  • Prepared a comprehensive monitoring framework, a well-integrated assessment/verification methodology, study instruments, and sampling plan of the targeted beneficiaries.
  • Trained survey teams & conducted pilot testing, debriefing, and instrument finalization.
  • Field data collected at HH level
  • Performed Data validation and entry
  • Conducted data analysis and reporting