Training and Capacity Building

VTT has a proven track record in the field of institutional capacity building. We operate with a team of in-house experts who are supported by network of highly-skilled consultants providing services in institutional development, training and capacity building. VTT conducts in-depth analysis of Institutional reform factors and develops programs that facilitate transparency, decentralization, legal reform, access to justice, and civic participation.

Institutional Development, Training and Capacity Building Services

VTT has undertaken consultancy services for a wide range of clients few of them include: USAID, UNDP, National Assembly of Pakistan, Jazz Telecom among others. We offer our Institutional Development & Capacity Building Services in the following areas:

  • Institutional Framework Analysis & Development
  • Organizational Restructuring, Decentralization, Infrastructure Deficiency Analysis & Proposal for Framework Modification
  • Identify Stakeholders for specific task in services delivery and management
  • SWOT analysis/ Log Frame Development/ TNA and Jobholder’s Analysis
  • Identification & Training for enterprise activity development, skill-based training
  • Promotion for HR Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Incentive & Disincentive System Development