Monitoring and Evaluation of OFDA’s Flood Relief Grant

 In response to the flood crisis, USAID set aside emergency funding to award new agreements related to flood relief activities across Pakistan. In addition to providing relief interventions, USAID also initiated monitoring and verification of those initiatives through third-party monitoring partners. To this effect, a one-year project of monitoring and assessment of flood relief activities in KPK and Punjab was awarded to VTT by USAID Pakistan. The purpose of this innovative rapid assessment and monitoring (IRAM) program was to provide USAID and USAID/OFDA with quick, independent and innovative third- party monitoring of its flood relief activities.

VTT conducted 68 monitoring activities which included 1874 beneficiary/facility interviews across 8 sectors and 14 implementing partners working under USAID, USAID/OFDA and USAID/FFP in 12 districts of KPK.