DFID/UNITAR - Third-Party Monitoring of Multi-Year Humanitarian Programme, Pakistan


Project Description: The DFID funded Multi-Year Humanitarian Program (MYPH) in Pakistan under UNITAR is a major hinge for a wide array of humanitarian activities in the country. The four distinct pillars of the MPYH are: Natural Disasters, Complex Emergencies, Contingency Standby Arrangements and Improving the Overall Humanitarian System. Pakistan Evidence and Learning Platform (PELP) is a core project under the fourth pillar, which aims to provide research that contributes towards reducing impact of disasters through effective knowledge management. VTT Global is placed at a juncture for the proposed Third-Party Monitoring assignment as it envisages the monitoring of MYHP’s implementing partners through a de-centralized team structure, which would safeguard the quality and integrity of data, while adhering to cultural norms of the region. VTT will carry a thorough analysis of Detailed Implementation Plans (DIPs), track progress against project outputs/outcomes, analyze and report on findings, as per the evolving TPM methodology and objectives of the project.