VTT Global has considerable experience in undertaking training and capacity building initiatives across the varying domains of energy, telecom, DRM and flood relief, WASH and sanitation, health, and education. We advise organizations to analyze their training needs, formulate customized capacity development programs, and implement relevant training initiatives that best address their organization-wide human resource gaps.

VTT has conducted training of almost 900+ field resources, pertaining to research methodologies; monitoring & evaluation; CRM; and project implementation. More than 40+ trainings for field resources have been conducted in the past six years by VTT experts. From all four provinces, VTT has created a pool of suitable and cost-effective vendors who provide quality venues facilitated with all necessities to carry out a successful training session.

The following aspects are covered in field team training:

  • Understanding of the program and program objectives
  • Area reconnaissance, survey instrument and survey respondent selection criteria
  • Understanding of survey instruments/guides
  • Techniques to encourage respondent’s participation and capture relevant information during survey
  • Effective reporting and information sharing
  • Communication protocols
  • Expected field level risks and their mitigation
  • Safety and security
  • Research ethics
  • Hand held device maintenance and troubleshooting

In the areas of research, our M&E consultants and technical experts periodically conduct rigorous training programs for our social surveyors, focus group moderators, note takers, and field supervisors. These training and development programs aim to strengthen the capacity of our field teams on survey ethics and instruments, qualitative and quantitative research methods, data gathering/management essentials and data analysis and reporting dynamics. Our associates have remained instrumental in training Pakistan’s largest telecom service provider’s senior executives and key staff over one of the country’s largest voluntary separation scheme design and implementation.