Description of Assignment: The general purpose of this assignment was to increase enrolment rates of girls beyond primary levels of education and enhancing women entrepreneurship within SWAT. VTT Global offered its services as a Consultant to conduct a terminal evaluation to determine the merit and deficiencies of the program and to measure achievements, in order to conduct and end-to-end diagnostic of the INSPIRE II program.


The program called INSPIRE-II was a 36-month long project which was striving to increase enrolment rates of girls beyond primary levels of education, enhancing women entrepreneurship and community mobilization, and strengthening local governance within the education sector in Swat, of KP Province. The Project was divided in two components, one segment focused on girls who had missed out on education so they were mainstreamed into the system again through Accelerated Learning Programs (ALP), and the second segment focused on TVET Schools which taught children technical as well as vocational skills in order to improve their income. The expected outcomes of the program were as follows:

  • Improved capacity of government to provide education services more responsive to local needs
  • Increased community acceptance and support for girls of second shift/evening schools at middle and secondary level
  • Improved participation of stakeholders for promoting girl’s education through advocacy initiatives
  • Improved income in target communities through skills development of young men and women


Name of Client: Care International

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