VTT Global telecom consulting team can and has helped clients identify, monitor and manage the complex issues of corporate governance, risk mitigation and effective corporate compliance. We assist businesses in designing and implementing governance and compliance programs to ensure business continuity within the boundaries of relevant regulations. Our team has developed a mature framework that can be customized for various GRC engagements, all the while managing costs.

Furthermore, VTT has also ventured into governance centric activities for the development sector, by working on projects such as the Citizens Voice and Accountability Project (CVAP) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governance Project (KPG), both funded by USAID. For CVAP, the focus was to support the evolution of democratic governance by strengthening citizens voice and public accountability in government planning and decision-making. VTT led the monitoring aspect of the project, to ensure that the project activities were being carried out in accordance with the donor’s guidelines, and to gauge the impact being reflected amongst the stakeholders and government officials.

Similarly, VTT has also led another assignment whose purpose was to verify and validate the reported data under KPG in focus districts. This project’s objective was to promote democratic processes, strengthen the ability of provincial government to be responsive to citizen needs, and create opportunities for gender equality and women’s empowerment thus bringing positive changes in attitude, perceptions and behavior about the quality of governance in the province.