To make quality education a reality for all, VTT has been working alongside various public, private, local, international partners and clients such as USAID, DFID, Management Systems International (MSI), Chemonics International, American Institutes of Research (AIR), Mott MacDonald Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, and Cambridge Education (CE) to deliver quality results and solutions to curate sector-specific problems.

Having the opportunity to team up with a multitude of stakeholders has not only translated into project successes for VTT but also tremendous learnings and ability to grow. Through these innumerable opportunities, VTT now specializes in delivering technical solutions in the functional areas of monitoring and evaluation, survey & research, project management and technology enablement for the education sector. Across program areas, our activities are guided by a Child-Centered Community Development (CCCD) approach, which is rights-based, holistic, gender-sensitive, and inclusive.

VTT believes that conducting assessments of student learning in early grades, using tools such as the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA), puts forth an opportunity to determine whether early grade students are developing the basic skills, essential for development of other literacy and mathematical skills, if not, then to determine the course of action accordingly. Such information is vital for Pakistan that is directing its efforts towards providence of the quality of education in its schools. In such conditions, the absence of quality data on assessment of early grade, predominantly after the introduction of several educational reforms, renders it difficult to present a clear narrative of the status of students’ reading and math performance.

In view of the importance of ERGA/EGMA in the current educational situation of Pakistan where many educational reforms are being introduced, VTT has undertaken the following assignments:

  • Early Grade Reading Assessment Baseline for Pakistan Reading Program (2013) – 8000+ students assessed in 15 districts of Sindh
  • Early Grade Reading Assessment/Early Grade Mathematics Assessment Pilot Study for Sindh Reading Program (2014) – 850+ students assessed in Hyderabad, Sindh
  • EGRA/EGMA Baseline Project (Karachi) and Data Digitization of EGRA/EGMA Project (2014) – 1600 students assessed in Karachi plus data digitization of nearly 15,000 records       collected from 560 schools across 8 districts of Sindh completed
  • EGRA Midline Operational Testing under Sindh Reading Project (2016) – 3500+ students assessed in 4 target districts of Sindh